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the problem

The average American creates over 40,000 pounds of carbon emissions every year.


All of us need to take action and create daily habits that lower our impact on the planet.

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Measure Your Carbon Footprint

Understand how your lifestyle creates emissions and pinpoint the amount of CO2 you need to offset each day.

Eco-habit tracker

Take Action Every Day

Build simple, sustainable habits that fit your lifestyle and truly make a difference.

Resources & Products

Find Knowledge & Everyday Tools

Read insightful articles about climate change and find products that help you live a greener life.

OUr actions add up

We Are Making a Real Difference


Measure the carbon footprint of your home life and see where you can be greener.


Build weekly routines, like Veggie Day, that have a positive impact on the environment.


Ride your bike, try a carpool, take the train and make your commute an act of eco heroism.


Learn how your recycling, composting, and waste habits affect the planet.

Buy green. Live GREEN.

Eco Friendly Products

Find ways to lower your carbon footprint through the products you buy and use in your every daily life. Vote for Earth with your wallet.

Remote: Office Not Required
Product Details
Poniie Plug-in Electricity Usage Monitor
Product Details
Reusable Cutlery Sets
Product Details
Epica Stainless Steel Compost Bin
Product Details
Glion Dolly Electric Scooter
Product Details
Refun Bicycle Light Set
Product Details

Everyone should use this app so that they're mindful of what good they're doing & can see ways to improve!

jb dean

The EcoCRED app has really helped me to be aware of my carbon footprint. It's only been two days and I've already gained 32 points! I actually find the tasks very easy to complete and I am so excited to do whatever I can to get more. Thank you EcoCRED.


I love this app! It’s a great way to see the impact I have and to find new and different ways to mitigate that.


I love that this app helps me discover simple behaviors to incorporate in my everyday routine that make a positive impact on the environment.


The app is great to make you more aware of all your carbon use! You can take a test to see how much carbon you use daily. The app can be a little glitchy sometimes, but it pays off! There's no way you'll be able to check off everything on there but you could most!! Overall an amazing app and would recommend!


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