Frequently Asked Questions

What is EcoCRED?

EcoCRED is a mobile app that helps you become conscious of how your choices impact the environment and helps you find ways to reduce your personal carbon footprint. It does this by making certain assumptions based on your answers about where and how you live. Then EcoCRED helps you keep track and take action to reduce your estimated carbon footprint daily. Individuals can sign up to join the general community and see how much of an impact we are all able to have together!

How do you play?

Download the app from the Apple App Store, and sign up. You’ll set up some assumptions in the Carbon Footprint Assessment, which will help us assess your daily usage assumptions. You can then start completing daily habits to reduce your carbon footprint and see your impact within the community.

How do I get EcoCRED?

By completing Habits, you will earn EcoCRED. Each Habit has a Carbon Reduction assigned to it; by completing habits, you stack up your EcoCRED!

What can I do with my EcoCRED?

You can use the EcoCRED in the Rewards tab to purchase things like Carbon Offsets, an Amazon gift card, and more. There is no exchange of money involved—you earn the EcoCRED and use them to get these rewards.

Why don’t you have this in Android?

We're working on developing an Android version right now! You can sign up to be on the Android waiting list, too!