Carbon Offsets

We’re excited to introduce our new Carbon Offset Program! EcoCRED allows you to easily fund projects that reduce emissions to compensate for your own. The EcoCRED Portfolio not only reduces emissions, it also supports communities and ecosystems.


So what is a carbon offset?

Carbon offsets are programs designed to balance out the unavoidable footprint we leave from living our daily lives. Purchasing a carbon offset invests in projects aimed at reducing or avoiding greenhouse gas emissions. With our Offset Program, your EcoCRED helps to fund projects like landfill gas capture, renewable energy, and reforestation. 

Our Program Options

Learn more about each project below!

LFG to Energy

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Landfill Gas-to-Energy projects capture methane produced from decomposing landfill materials to produce renewable energy.

Renewable Energy

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Renewable energy projects in wind advance turbine technology and promote wind energy expansion to the grid.


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Reforestation projects focus on replanting trees in areas where trees have recently been cut down.



The Clinton #2 Landfill Gas Collection and Combustion Project

Opened in 1989, Clinton Landfill #2, located near Bloomington, Illinois has approximately 4.7 million cubic yards of waste capacity. This project uses gas collection systems and energy generator sets to help reduce odor, mitigates underground gas migration, and reduces the risk of groundwater pollution from leaching gas and chemicals. 


Gaston County Landfill Gas to Energy Project

With the goals of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, producing renewable energy, and providing infrastructure for development of an Eco-industrial park, this voluntary capture project located in Gaston, NC incorporates innovative thinking and co-benefits to meet the challenges of renewable energy. 


Dempsey Wind

The Big Smile Wind Farm at Dempsey Ridge in Oklahoma delivers enough clean energy to power more than 46,000 homes, employed 130 people throughout the construction phase and created 13 full-time jobs. In a region predominantly reliant on coal and natural gas for electricity production, this wind generation project works to clean the grid from dirty, greenhouse gas emitting energy sources.  




GreenTrees is reforesting one million acres of marginal farmland in the Mississippi Alluvial Valley. To date the project has planted over 30 million trees on 120,000 acres, in partnership with private landowners. The tree plantings have generated millions of tons of verified carbon credits. By reforesting land, it is helping to fight climate change, restore species habitats, clean the water, and support the local and global economy. 

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