Mobile App - Release Notes

Introducing the new EcoCRED Community - 11/11/2020

We are excited to introduce new way to interact with the EcoCRED Community.

Explore the community

  • Check out all the action across the community in the “Explore” tab
  • Here you will see all the activities from all our Eco Heroes across the community
  • Your habits, badges and streaks will show up here
  • If you see something interesting, you can follow someone or like and/or comment on their activity

Follow your friends

  • See activity from only people you follow on the “Following” tab
  • Like and/or comment on your friends’ activities

See your own stream

  • In the “My feed” section you can see a record of all of your Eco activities and your posts.

Check out your followers

  • On the “Followers” tab, you can see who is following you, and follow them back

Share something cool

  • Post something, share an image.  It will show up both in the general “Explore feed and in your followers’ feeds

Get alerted

  • In the “Alerts” section, see when someone has followed you or liked / commented on one of you activities or posts
  • Click through to learn more about the people who are interacting with you and to see the posts or comments

2.20v548 / 2.21v437 - 11/10/2020

  • Added ability to choose a custom avatar by uploading a picture
  • Ability to post to the global "Explore" feed
  • Multiple bug fixes

2.20v530 / 2.21v419 - 11/3/2020

  • Enhance community with notifications about follows
  • Multiple bug fixes
  • Added release notes view