There is no Planet B

Plant trees for special people & help protect the Earth

This Holiday season, give the gift of clean air

2020 has taught us the importance of being kind to one another & how our actions and the decisions we make each day impact and harm our environment & affect our future on the Earth. We realized that now more than ever, we must unite and take action to help preserve our planet.

We’re running out of time to put a stop to climate change
EcoCRED has partnered with One Tree Planted to help plant more trees

The pollution level is so high that 9 of 10 people globally do not have access to clean air! Urged by this alarming fact and inspired by all the challenges of 2020, we started this initiative to make it possible for you to give a unique gift to special people in your life, show your kindness, & do good for our planet by planting trees on somebody’s behalf.

Act now! Plant it forward & help preserve our future on the planet

We need to reach net-zero CO2 emissions by 2050 otherwise the Earth’s temperature will continue to rise. Let’s work together, plant it forward, & do our small part in preserving our planet.

How does it work?


Plant it forward!

Plant trees for special people in your life—choose one of these three programs and send a gift of trees to ten of the most deserving people you know.


Choose a package & personalize it

Choose a package and customize your message for each gift. For a more personal touch, add a postcard to go with your gift of trees.


Rinse & repeat

Add as many gifts as you want to your cart—with each add to cart, write a personal message for the recipients.


Share your good deed

Share your good green deed with friends by posting on social media & let’s encourage others to plant it forward!

Plant 1 Trees

Plant 5 Trees

Plant 10 Trees

Plant 25 Trees

Plant 50 Trees