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Meat Lovers Offset

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Your carnivorous diet produces approximately 3.3 tons of GHG emissions (more than 2 pounds of beef a week emits 7,277 pounds of GHG!).

Here’s how that looks like when compared to other diets:

  • Meat lovers diet produces 3.3 tons of GHG emissions per person per year;
  • Average diet produces 2.5 tons per person;
  • No beef diet produces 1.9 tons per person;
  • Vegetarian diet produces 1.7 tons per person;
  • Vegan diet produces 1.5 tons per person.

Lower your foodprint without disrupting your lifestyle

Offset your carbon impact for a month's worth of meat or subscribe to offset every month. This way you will support a carbon reduction project that would not otherwise happen, and receive Offset certificate.

This offset supports projects that have been vetted by the American Carbon Registry, Verified Carbon Standard, and the Climate Action Reserve.


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